My weight loss journey should be an inspiration to many

This is going to be long, but I will try to make it short so that I will not bore you but try to inspire all who are facing problem with obesity. My weight loss journey should be an inspiration to many.

Name: Deepak shah

Earlier Weight: 127 KGs

Present weight: 94 Kgs

Height: 5: 8

Time period: 4 Months

I am fun loving guy, I love to spend time with my friends, we party together, go for movies, go for outing in the city and also outside the city. I stay in Nellore, one of my friends, told there is exhibition in hitex, let’s see Hyderabad and also attend the exhibition. I happily agreed, to go along with my friends. It is really fun, to visit Hyderabad, we saw so much development in the city and all my friends including me expected that similar development should also be in my hometown, Nellore.

After sightseeing the Hyderabad city, along with my friends, we went to the exhibition at hitex. We saw latest consumer durables on display, modern and traditional clothes on  display and sale as well. We were busy moving from one stall to another. And suddenly we found a stall, related to weight loss treatment and wellness program. All of us were given pamphlets; we collected it and moved to another stall. To my surprise, all my friends started handing over the weight loss treatment pamphlets to me and making fun of my excess weight, they told I need this badly.  I felt very embarrassed and very sad, my own friends are making fun of me, I am not one among them now, because of my overweight. Then I decided I will reduce my weight and I will not allow anyone to make fun of me, even my friends. After coming to my hometown, I visited Nellore Kolors branch. I got enrolled for Kolors weight loss treatment. Before enrolling, I read many of the Kolors weight loss reviews. And I felt satisfied about the results achieved by others with Kolors.  But still I had some apprehensions, so I spoke on telephone to the Kolors staff and asked random questions like, is Kolors a good choice for weight loss treatment or is Kolors worth joining to lose weight? They provided satisfactory answers with clinically supporting evidences. They made sure they solved all my queries with regards to weight loss and I felt, they would help me achieve my goal.

The staff was very helpful; they gave me instruction as to what I need to eat and what I should do to lose weight. As I wanted results I diligently followed all the instructions and within spa 4 months I saw great transformation. Now, I look fit and people come to me asking for advice how to transform from fat to fit and whether Kolors is good or bad. As I experienced positive results I can vouch for them, they are best in the industry. Life is beautiful and I am having fun, going out with my family and friends, with no fear of others making fun of me because of my overweight.


  1. I would like to share my experience with kolours…. it’s been a wonderful place getting slimming…. good staffs and hygienic place….. experienced staffs behavior is very good…… both beauty and slimming under in one roof…. best place to go…. for good results

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