Love to share my personal experience of my weight loss journey with Kolors

Name: Lalitha Satish

Time period: 4 Months

Total weight Lost: 37 Kg

Height: 5: 2

Inches lost: 6 inches off my waist

Lalitha Satish Kolors Weight loss

From the time of my college, I was always large and flabby. I never was much concerned about my excess weight instead my whole concentration was on my education. That’s what I have been told to do, just concentrate on your studies do not indulge in any sports, build your career. So, my sole focus was education, I became more lazy and I was never enthusiastic of indulging myself in any physical activities. All the time, my love was only books, I do not regret it, but I have to blame myself for not leading a balanced life. After successfully completing my education, I started my career. This was the time; I realized that looks matter much for your career development. I seriously felt the need to lose my weight and look good. But I was very confused as to how to lose weight and what is the best method which will help me lose weight fast and also there should not be any side effects, I was particular about this.

As New Year was approaching, I made a decision, to gift myself a new look, which would be more presentable and stunning. This new look would help me build my career. To achieve this, I need to lose weight. But I had only 4 months of time for the New Year, initially I was a bit skeptical whether I can achieve this goal, but later when I started reading Kolors weight loss reviews I felt confident. That’s not all, I also asked this question to many, whom I came into contact, is Kolors good or bad. Most of them told it is a good choice and very handful of them, told me, you can achieve this on your own by doing rigorous exercises at home or join any fitness club. And some others, had confessed, they are not aware and cannot provide any answer as they have not faced the above problem.

After getting positive feedback about Kolors, from many, I felt I should take help of them. The goal I have set can be achieved, only if I am dedicated and ready to make a few adjustments in my diet and lifestyle. I felt I am ready to do that, without delaying I took my bike along with my friend and got myself enrolled with Kolors weight loss Treatment. I felt, this was the best thing I have done to push myself further towards to my goal.

Each day when I woke up I told myself today I will work harder so that I get more nearer to my goal. I am thankful to Kolors staff, who not only motivated me, but also offered me the right guidance and the treatment. I must appreciate one point, Kolors, is definitely a leader in health and wellness, they are aware not one size fits all, hence they make customized plans to suit individual needs based on the preference, lifestyle and age.

Now, If anyone who is troubled with excess pose question as to whether is Kolors a good choice for weight loss treatment? Without any second thoughts I would instantly give answer to this question as definitely. Yes. I have seen with my eyes, my body changing from large to small. Now I am able to shop clothes of smaller size, earlier I use to look for only plus size. I feel much more confident in my work place. Earlier I had a tough time when I use to go for shopping. And most of the time, the patterns which I preferred were not available and I was left with no choice but buy those plus size, even though I may not like those dress patterns and designs. But now I enjoy shopping, I buy the best clothes for my office wear and look stunning each day. Seeing the change in me, my friends and colleagues, often ask me is Kolors worth joining to lose weight, my answer would yes, if you are serious about losing weight.


  1. It’s really very good experience for me,it motivated to me reduce weight, they staff’s are very nice and kind for customers….. Thank You Kolors

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