Lavanya devi – Weight Loss Journey Review

I am Lavanya devi, My weight earlier was around 110 kgs, but now it is 82 kgs. I wish to share my struggle due to my excess weight.

I was feeling frustrated in my life, the reason being my weight, I have a small kid, who is around two and half years old. He is a hyper active kid, if anybody use to ask him, whom he likes, he would instantly give an answer, his father. The reason being, my husband is physically fit, he plays with my kid and when he runs, my husband runs faster behind him and catches him. My son enjoys, making his father run and when he becomes tide he stops and gives up and my husband carries him in his arms. The above things I was not able to do because of my overweight. My aim was to run behind my kid and catch hold of him and take him in my arms, I use to drop the idea even before trying, because of my weight. I felt I can only do it, when I lose my excess weight. Then I started doing some research, as to how I could lose my excess weight. I stumbled upon Kolors weight loss reviews. Then I made a decision, let me also try taking their help, if I succeed nothing like that.

First, thing, I visited their branch to know more about Kolors Weight loss treatment. They explained me in detail, as to how their procedure is totally natural and non invasive. The clients need not necessarily have to undergo rigorous exercises neither they are required to follow any extreme diets to lose weight. I felt very happy, when I came to know their procedures are natural and absolutely no surgery is required. I use to get very scared of going under the knife. This is definitely good news for me After collecting all the details, again I asked myself, Is kolors a good choice for weight loss treatment? Inside me, answered yes. Then without wasting any time further, I got enrolled for kolors weight loss treatment.

They guided me every step and asked to me to undertake varied different tasks which would help me to lose weight. They also motivated me, time to time when the scale was not moving, yes initially the scale does not move. Weight loss cannot occur in a day. You need to discipline yourself and know when to stop, what you need to do. You should not overeat; neither you must indulge yourself in rigorous exercises. Within a short period of time, I saw my scale moving and I started gradually losing weight. Now, I am 82 kg, earlier my weight was around 112 kgs. Life has changed for better, now I am able to play with my kid, my kid also loves me seeing running back of him and catching him and taking him in my arms and pampering him. I am very much thankful to Kolors, who helped me fulfill my aim. If anybody who is having weight issues, if they approach me and ask me questions as to whether Kolors is good or bad or is Kolors worth joining to lose weight. I would definitely share some positive words about the company, because they are no less than a savior, who helped me achieve my aim and now I am happy with my life.


  1. best place to loose weight…. I’m one of the happy client… very polite staff and good treatment… highly recommend 👍

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