Kolors weight loss review

Everyone wants to lose weight rapidly; even I (Dinesh) too wanted to lose weight in short time but in a natural way. My body statistics

  • My height is around 5 ft 8 inches
  • weight 116 kgs
  • Shirt size 4xl or 5 xl
  • Waist size 43 to 46.

June 3red 2018 was the day, I decided to lose weight, I took almost 15 days of time, so that I can eat all the foods which I craved for. In these 15 days, I relished my favorite foods in such way, that I felt disgusted seeing them. No longer had I felt any craving for them.

I realized there are few things which stops one to lose weight they include

  • Unhealthy addiction such as smoking and  drinking
  • Attending more number of parties and social events
  • Busy schedule, hence one does not find time to take care of their personal health
  • Jobs involve too much of travelling and tight schedules.

Yes, these things can be a hurdle to someone who desires to lose weight, but if one has strong desire these hurdles will not matter. They will concentrate on their goal and make ways to achieve their goal. So, I have taken all this into consideration, made myself strong that these things should not matter and I should lose weight that’s what matters most.

After 15 days from June 3rd, on June 18th 2018, on Monday, I got enrolled with Kolors weight loss treatment.  The reason why I chose Kolors is because my friend Puroshottam also had trouble shedding his excess weight. He tried numerous diets and also performed rigorous exercises, but that did not help him lose weight. The reason he could not achieve what he desired to achieve is mainly because he lost motivation and he just could not keep going.  And He lost the momentum, then later he got enrolled with Kolors, they got an excellent team of certified and experienced dieticians, weight loss experts and trainers. They guided him and kept motivating him and with their expertise in the above field, they made his journey smooth. He was able to shed his excess weight in very little time. I have also read some of the Kolors weight loss reviews, I got inspired. When you know you can get assured results you become more confident, I am happy I have chosen Kolors.

Dinesh lost 33 kgs

Some of my relatives and friends made fun of me that nothing is going to change because they know me; I am happy and go lucky guy, who is carefree and easygoing. And they knew I would fail, as I would not be able to keep my focus for more than 2 weeks. This motivated me more and I wanted them to prove them all wrong, in a mere six months, I lost almost 40 kgs of weight and my present weight is 76 kgs. It is no less than a miracle for all, but in my heart I knew how this happened, I am thankful to kolors, for giving hope that weight loss is possible naturally if you are dedicated and follow the given instruction religiously.


  1. Kolors provide best service for slimming programs they provide really good and effective service and results…there are so many treatment which is related to slimming and beauty and hair service…I took weight loss program for my self and I lose my weight 8kg within 2months so really it’s so effective and worth for money.. I’m very happy and satisfied to the service..thank you kolors..

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