Kolors Reviews by Kausalya

Hi! I am Kausalya, and I am an actress.

Let me tell you a secret.

No matter how many beautiful dresses we wear or how much make up we apply; outer beauty is a fickle thing. The only way to achieve true beauty is by good health.

Ofcourse, in an attempt to become the best version of myself health wise, and also to shed the extra kilos, I tried everything.

Some suggested dieting. Some suggested exercises. Some swore by Yoga. But unfortunately despite trying a lot of diets and exercise regimes, I realised that becoming fit is not an easy task.

Dieting and exercises by myself were just a temporary solution, and once i stopped, i gained weight more rapidly.

Sharing My Journey:

Among a lot of other suggestions, one option that I came across was Kolors.

My friend swore by the accuracy and precision of the Kolors weight loss programme. Looking at her testimonials, and of other people who used Kolors, I decided to give Kolors a chance.

On consulting, I realised that Kolors treatment had no side effects, and it provided faster and guaranteed results- I decided that Kolors deserved a chance.

There was a Kolors healthcare counseling branch present in my city, and I joined Immediately with some hesitation. The treatment I underwent in Kolors had no side effects, and helped me shed the extra kiloseasily. I managed to lose 15 kgs!

Biggest Surprise:

I feel extremely fit and agile.

 I have begun fitting into slimmer sizes like never before. My health and fitness have improved drastically, and I feel more comfortable with myself.  I feel confident and stylish and prettier, and people tell me all the time that I look much younger than my age.

Healthier and Happier than ever before.

The best part was, the counsellor’sat Kolors had a costumised, tailor made regimen for me,  and not only did I lose weight, I was also taught how to prevent the kgs from  coming back. With the focus on renewing my lifestyle, Kolors  taught me to seamlessly imbibe the lifestyle, and be committed towards my weight loss, and consistently choose a healthy life. Kolors has inevitably helped me become  a better version of me.

A Quiet Moment:

I feel everybody should focus more on their inner beauty rather than outer looks.

If you feel beautiful inside, you glow enough to shine the world.

The problem is it is quite hard to find a trainer that understands your body and helps you transform.

For those struggling with extra weight all their life and becoming a butt of ridicule and joke, Kolors is a must try.

I never thought that I could transform into somebody everybody admires, and something I would be so much in love with.

Anything that you set your mind for is never far away. In this case, the needed effective coach is right by the corner, which I found in the form of Kolors.

Join Kolors to look better, feel better; because you deserve it.

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